Register as an EU company.

Company Hotel

Use our company hotel and run your own EU company from your UK headquarters

This way you can legally ‘remain’ in the EU, even after Brexit. And the best is you can have everything done for you:

From registering to running your company, even down to completing your accountancy and annual tax return.

Post will be delivered to your permanent Dutch establishment.

What is the Company Hotel?

Our Company Hotel is a safe haven for your business (in legal terms: a Permanent Establishment) based on our premises in the Netherlands. It allows you to have a Dutch BV (which is the equivalent to a UK Ltd) registered for you and to use your Dutch address for official correspondence, letterheads, business cards etc.

Despite legally running a foreign company, there will hardly be any changes in your daily routine. Why? Because all processes to operate your company are either automated or will be handled to your instructions by our in-house service team. Naturally, you will stay 100% in control 24/7 via our real-time online reporting system.

What are the trade benefits?

  • Trade legally in the EU from the UK – or anywhere in the world
  • Brexit proof: You can bypass EU trade barriers to the 27 EU countries or to the 80 EU trading partner nations. In other words, no payment of tariffs and no delays at customs within the EU, and the best available trade deals with the 80 wealthiest nations in the world.
  • Everything done for you: You do not have to deal with any accountancy, administration, any legal or tax matters, as this can be handled by us
Trade benefits include access to 27 EU countries or to the 75 EU trading partner nations.
Do not struggle with your tax returns alone!

What are the tax benefits?

  • Low tax rate: With a corporate tax of 20 % up to € 200.000 profit the Netherlands has one of the lowest rates in the EU
  • VAT Deferment: The Netherlands are one of the few EU countries that offer VAT deferment, i.e. you pay VAT on imports much later or when goods are sold, which helps enormously with cash-flow.
  • Tax free in the UK: Your taxed income from your Dutch company can then be transferred to the UK tax free, thanks to the double-taxation treaty between both countries (this also works after Brexit)

How does it work?

  1. Once we have all necessary documents, we will register your company within a matter of days.
  2. Your Dutch accountant (who is a chartered accountant working in-house) will then register your new company with the Dutch inland revenue and VAT authorities.
  3. He will also file your monthly accountancy from the online sales data as well as the annual tax return (and VAT return, if needed).
It's as simple as that!

In short:

You instruct us to found your Dutch limited company.

Your operational business simply carries on seamlessly, while we ‘run’ your company for you, and you can monitor everything online.