Management Software


Experience our cloud based real-time multilevel fulfilment management system

Outsource your fulfilment and keep control over your stock and sales. Thanks to years of experience in worldwide fulfilment we were able to develop our own system into a precision tool.

  • Have your own account set up in our cloud based management system
  • Ultimate compatibility for data exchange with your own software
  • View the whole process from receiving an online order to the signed for delivery
  • Can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or PC
View your sales, stocks, shipping information, timeline, etc.
SupportPlaza management software

Manage web shops and online marketplaces

Access your web shops and online marketplaces with a single software. Save time by uploading your products once to all online marketplaces simultaneously.

  • Upload products to multiple online marketplaces in a single process
  • User-friendly interface for real-time and historic data
  • Available data includes: orders received, incomplete backorders, scheduled inbound shipments, current stock levels, returns completed and to be processed, packaged or sent orders etc.

Stock control: Optimum balance between cost and stock held

As soon as your stock drops below a calculated level, our system automatically sends out notifications for replenishment. This ensures the most cost efficient balance between quantities held and rate of supply.

  • Automate the management of your stock levels
  • View all stock movements in real-time 24/7
  • Follow every single step of your goods passing through our fulfilment process online, e.g. goods received, stored, packaged, shipped and delivery signed
Our online stock control system.
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Automating your invoicing and accountancy

SupportPlaza also includes an accounting software package that automates your invoicing as well as your accountancy.

Put simply:

  1. A product gets sold from your webshop
  2. Your order gets automatically processed by SupportPlaza
  3. An invoice gets generated and filed by our accountancy software
  4. The product gets shipped out with an invoice enclosed
  5. Your accountant uses the data to complete your VAT & tax return