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A monthly subscription fee

For our fixed services, i.e. your personal assistant in-house, online reporting and the use of our management software SupportPlaza 2.0, first office back-up customer service and use of our address we charge a set fee.

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Variable fulfilment and service costs

For variable fulfilment or customer services we charge depending  on the time, storage space, packaging and effort involved. For example goods received, storage, pick and pack, shipping, returns, customer calls and ticketing. 

Shipping cost

Thanks to our geographical position in the heart of Europe and our bulk deals with forwarders and couriers we can offer very cost efficient shipping rates worldwide.

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Transparent and fair pricing

We promise fair and affordable prices. There are NO HIDDEN FEES or any extra charges! Some fulfilment companies only charge variable cost to create the impression of cost efficiency.

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Our word of advice:

Compare case studies for your own business with different fulfilment pricing structures – you might be in for a surprise.